• Ramey Elementary Student Dress Code 2020-2021

    All Dress Code items including clothing, accessories, grooming, makeup, haircuts or hairstyles should support
    all learners and not distract from the learning environment. It is the expectation that parents/guardians support
    campus dress code requirements daily and will provide immediate correction to any issues so that the child
    may remain in the learning environment.

    All clothing/grooming should align with the Ramey Way by putting student’s learning first, solving problems
    together, and adding value.

    You may still wear your polo shirts and khaki or navy blue pants. We are adding extra options due to
    COVID-19. We encourage you to reuse clothing from past years.

    Personal Protective Equipment
    Students are expected to wear face coverings during school hours. This requirement is subject to change.
    ● Masks include non-medical grade disposable face masks, cloth face coverings (over the nose and
    mouth) or full-face shields to protect eyes, nose, and mouth when appropriate.
    ● Face coverings can be transparent or made of cloth. Facing coverings made of non-transparent
    material must be school appropriate so as not to distract or interfere with the learning environment.

    The following are items permitted any day of the week (all must be of appropriate fit for the student):
    1. Shirts/tops with short (not sleeveless) or long sleeves. Spirit shirts can be worn any day of the week.
    2. Bottoms must be worn at or above natural waist, be of appropriate fit for the student, and remain
    appropriate length in all movement. Shorts, capri pants, skirts, skorts, and dresses should not be more
    than three inches above the knee. Leggings may be worn under skirts, skorts or shorts of appropriate
    length. Leggings may NOT be worn by themselves. Jeans with no holes may be worn any day
    of the week. Jeans that are shredded or torn which exposes the skin underneath are NOT
    3. Footwear: Closed toe shoes appropriate for daily physical activity, preferably tennis shoes. If wearing
    closed toe shoes that are not appropriate for PE, bring tennis shoes for PE.

    Items NOT permitted:
    1. Anything that is revealing of shoulders, chest or torso, see through, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, tube
    tops, tank tops, or halter tops
    2. Anything excessively short/long, torn/damaged, cut offs
    3. Inappropriate images, words
    4. Flip flops, heels greater than 1 inch, shoes with wheels
    5. Pajamas
    6. Earrings that are longer than/diameter greater than ½ inch
    7. Anything that supports affiliation of gangs or alcohol
    8. Hats and caps. Do not wear hoods inside the building. Exceptions made for medical requirements.
    9. Unnatural hair color

    This dress code follows the Tyler ISD Dress Code as outlined in the student handbook.
    Repeated Dress Code infractions may result in disciplinary action. Final determination of dress code
    violations(s) and the impact of the learning environment rests solely with campus administration and
    will be considered on a case by case basis



    For more information or to view in Spanish click here  for the full dress code policy.