• Classroom Rules

    1. Take turns talking.

    2. Walking in the halls and classroom.

    3. Keep hands and feet to self.

    4. Use inside voices.

    5. Be respectful of others.

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  • 1st Six Weeks


    I can count to 20, orally count and represent a set of objects to 10, determine the number of objects in a set up to 10, model the act of joining and separating to represent addition and subtraction, identify and name a circle, triangle, square and their attributes, and identify a penny and nickel.

    Social Studies:

    I can be a good citizen in the classroom, be a good citizen in my community, and work together to form a positive classroom community.


    I can retell an important fact in a text heard or read, predict what might happen next in a text based on the cover, title, and illustration, describe characters in a story and reasons for their actions, and identify a sentence is made up of a group of words.


    I can form upper and lowercase letters,use phonological knowledge to match sounds to letters, write my name, and plan a first draft by generating ideas throug class discussions.


    I can use tools in science to investigate, follow safety practices, demonstrate environmentally appropriate practices, describe an object by observable properties,  and describe texture, mass, and weight of an object.


    I can identify different technology tools and their uses, identify parts of a computer, follow procedures in the computer lab, and log into my computer w ith step-by-step instructions.

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