• Join me on Monday's at 7:00 p.m. in Zoom to Chat 

    Virtual Office Hour

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  • Join me on Friday's at 1:00 p.m. in Zoom to Chat 

    Virtual Office Hour

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  • Hi, let me know how you are doing by filling out the following form: Check-in Form.

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  • If you need to contact me please call the Ramey Elementary main number, 903-262-2505 and then press 3 for Counselor. My office phone has been forwarded to my cell phone. If I do not answer please leave a message. I will get the message in my email and then call you back. You can also email me at Cheri.Bogue@Tylerisd.org.

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  • Hi, Mrs. Bogue is available for counseling. Please fill out the online form below if you need assistance. This form can be filled out by the student, family members, staff or faculty members. I will contact the student and family. Thanks!

    Counseling Referral Form

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  • The following website has lots of information and activities for us to use during this time of need.

    Link to Tyler ISD Guidance and Counseling Website

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    • EVERFI free direct access for K-12 parents to EVERFI’s library of 20+ digital courses including character development, mental wellness, financial readiness & career exploration. 

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  • During times of stress it helps all of us to focus on what is good in our lives. I love to use this activity in my Lunch Bunch groups. You can take an empty tissue box or shoe box. Put words representing what they are thanksful for like "family, home, love, etc" on the outside of the box and then every day the kids can write a little note about what they are grateful for and put it in the box. For younger kids you can write the words on strips of paper, cut them out and then let them glue them to the outside of the box. The kids can also draw pictures of what they are grateful for to put inside the box.

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  •              CALM-A-LLAMA

                  SCAVENGER HUNT

                           How many can you complete?

    • Wear headphones and clean your room to your favorite songs.
    • Snuggle in a cozy blanket & watch a movie.
    • Sleep with a super soft stuffed animal.
    • Fall asleep to spa music.
    • Learn some new jokes & try them out.
    • Color with new markers.
    • Learn to make a new recipe that you love.
    • Just sit & watch people in public.
    • Learn & try progressive muscle relaxation.
    • Stretch your arms up to the sky, hold while counting to 15. Release
    • Try a new hobby.
    • Make shapes with play-doh.
    • Pay with kinetic sand.
    • Stretch all of your muscles.
    • Talk to an animal.
    • Take a bubble bath.
    • Take a nature walk.
    • Balance on one leg and time it
    • Read a book in quiet in your head.
    • Try a yoga pose.
    • Daydream in the dark.
    • Make a list of things or people that make you feel grateful.


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  • One of my favorite authors is Julia Cook. I use a lot of her books in my lessons and it is so much fun to listen to her read her books. You can find her reading on Facebook. She does Bookends with Julia on Monday and Friday mornings at 9:00. There are also Watch Parties and other information. 

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  • Julia Cook's Yucky Bug

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  • School Counselor Stephanie has wonderful ideas for ways to take care of ourselves during all of these changes that are taking place in our lives:


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  • A lot of our kids are probably very worried about many things going on in our world. This is a link to a great book about Wilma Jean who worries about everything. After reading the book you can talk about what worries we can control and what worries we cannot control. Older students can also draw a circle on a piece of paper. Everything we can control can go inside the circle and everything we cannot control goes outside the circle. You can post this on the refrigerator to be a reminder when we all start worrying again.

    Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

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  • In the education world there is a lot of talk about Growth Mindset. Here is some interesting information on that topic. Please see "You Can Grow Your Intelligence" and "Parents Mindset Encouragement Notes" on this website: NED



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