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Jack Victories


    Thank you, Patriots, for another awesome Book Fair! We hope you enjoy your summer reading!

    We are proud of our Patriot leaders who have earned 30 Patriot Bucks! Congratulations to the following classes: H. Reed, Brower, Blankenship, Harvey, and West!

    Congratulations to our perfect attendance classes from last week: Mrs. Martin's class. Thank you, students, for being here every day!

Campus Goals

  • Campus Culture -  In order to promote student leadership, 5 enrichment days will be implemented throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

    Campus Leadership - Once each semester we will host a parent leadership meeting and a New Student Orientation meeting.

    Campus Academics - 90% of Jack students will meet individual growth goals each 6 weeks. Progress will be monitored and tracked through student leadership notebooks.

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    Our Mission - Building Leaders of Tomorrow

    Our Vision - Relate in an accepting, respectful manner regardless of experience or background; Leave others feeling better after interacting with them; Express viewpoints tactfully to avoid unnessary conflict; Use all circumstances as opportunities to build relationships

    Our Values - Student achievement, Professionalism, School Safety

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Accountability Rating

  • 2016-2017: Met Standard