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Student Transfers

  • Procedure for Initiating a Transfer Request

    • Transfer requests are accepted annually at the requested Campus beginning the first school day in February until the last school day in April for grades kindergarten through 8th.
    • All high school transfer requests need to be submitted to the Student Services Office.
    • Transfer request forms must state specific reason(s) for the transfer in order to be considered.
    • Once completed, the transfer request form must be signed and returned to the requested campus.
    • A copy of the student’s attendance record, discipline record and latest report card should be included along with a photo ID & utility bill (gas, water, electric or Dual Residency) with the completed transfer request.
    • Attendance and Grades can be obtained online via Parent Self-Serve PSS Portal; Discipline records can be obtained from the home campus.
    • Incomplete transfer requests will not be considered.
    • Notification of decisions for transfer requests will be communicated in writing from the campus.
    • Approved transfer recipients must sign and return the approval letter in order to complete the registration process at the requested school.
    • Registration process must be completed prior to the first day of school in order to guarantee placement.
    • Transfer students are not eligible for district transportation to or from school.
    • All PEG transfer requests need to be submitted to the Student Services Office.

    Have questions? Contact the Student Services Department at 903.262.1017.