Jack Victories

  • Classes with perfect attendance last week: Brown, Richards

    30 Patriot Bucks earned: Richards, Stephens, Tellez, Craig, Allen

    Congratulations to TISD Elementary Student of the Month, Aahana Kumar, in second grade. We are proud of Aahana and the leadership she exhibits each and every day.

    Congratulations to our UIL winners and their coaches!

    We're proud to announce our fourth graders who have art work on display at FRESH: Brendon, Kapri, Ellen, Elizabeth, Nolan, Lezley, Lane and Camden.

Campus Goals

  • Attendance -  96% or higher attendance as documented on campus scoreboards each 6 weeks for 2016-2017


    Student Achievement - 100% of students will show growth in achievement as measured by STAAR/MAP; students will be able to articulate his/her growth or progress by June 2017, using data from leadership notebooks


    Flagging Good Habits - no more than 8% discipline referrals per grade level each 6 weeks; the campus will have no more than 10% schoolwide referrals by June 2017


    Patriot Professions - 100% participation for grades 3-5 by November 1, 2016; students new to campus will be given an opportunity to apply within 3 weeks of enrollment


    Community Partnership - will foster at least 3 community partners by June 2017


    Community Service - 100% of staff and students will participate in at least 1 community service project by June 2017

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Accountability Rating

  • 2016-2017: Met Standard